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Improving My Skin

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Improving My Skin

How To Determine If You're A Good Candidate For Laser Hair Removal

Phillip Lucas

Everyone wants to look their best, hence the many people going to visit a dermatologist for botox or other treatments, such as laser hair removal. However, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. Newer types of lasers make it so less-than-ideal candidates may be able to use this service, but it isn't guaranteed. Here are five factors that determine if you're a good candidate for laser hair removal.

Skin Color

Because the lasers target pigment, it's best if this procedure is performed on people with lighter skin. People who get sunburned relatively easy usually have light enough skin for the laser not to cause damage to the skin. 

Hair Color

Even if you have light skin, you may not be able to undergo this treatment if your hair is also very light. People with dark hair and light skin have enough difference in pigment for the laser to more easily target the hairs. Blond hair is too light in color for most lasers to be able to detect the pigment and target it. However, in a small number of cases this treatment isn't effective even with the combination of dark hair and light skin.

Realistic Expectations

Not everyone has realistic expectations of the potential results for laser hair removal. First, it takes multiple visits over a period of months to get rid of all of the hair in a particular area. This is because different hairs grow at different rates, so not all of the hairs will be affected by any given treatment. The other common misconception is that once the first round of treatments is done and the hair is all removed it will be permanently gone. Laser hair removal is a longer term removal process, but not necessarily a permanent one. People sometimes require maintenance visits, with the frequency depending on the person. Some people may need to come in every few months, while others may only need to come in every few years to keep the hair gone.

Size of Area for Hair Removal

This type of hair removal is best to use when you have a large area you want the hair removed from. The laser isn't very easy to target to a very small area, hence the fact that it isn't recommended for doing your eyebrows. It's best for legs, underarms, arms, back, chest and bikini line treatments. If you only need hair removed from a small area or want more permanent hair removal, electrolysis may be a better treatment for your purposes.

Pain Tolerance

While most places that offer laser hair removal will offer some type of pain medication before the treatment, there can be some pain involved. Typically, the pain is described as being somewhat like being snapped by a rubber band. If you can't tolerate this amount of pain, you may be better off using less permanent hair removal methods.

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